In view of COVID-19, Vision Lab Eyewear is taking the following precautionary measures at all our stores to safeguard the health and safety of all our customers and employees.

1 – Conduct daily temperature checks for all our employees.
2 – Cleaning and sanitising of all frames and sunglasses after each trial by customers.
3 – Disinfection and cleaning of all eye care equipment and tools.
4 – Regular and frequent cleaning of common shelves and tabletop.
5 – Provision of sanitisers for customers and employees to sanitiser and clean their hands.

Our commitment to our customers to shop safe with us

Vision Lab Eyewear is committed to give our customers the best assurance in hygiene when trying on a pair of eyewear in time of COVID-19.

All eyewear tried by customers are sterilized using an UVC LED Sterilizer Bag (also available for sales in-store), which uses UV-C light to irradiate the eyewear and killing up to 99.99% of bacterial viruses.