Vision Lab Eyewear Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How do I join Vision Lab Loyalty Membership Program?

  • 3 Steps to join:

1). Scan the given QR code OR click the provided link to sign up VL Loyalty Membership,
2). Complete your details and be Rewarded with Spectacular & Exclusive Members Rewards,
3). Claim the offers and start to redeem the eVouchers and FREE Eye Health Screening and many attractive offers, Spend and Earn Cashback at the same time.

Q2. Who can join Vision Lab Loyalty Membership?

  • We welcome everyone. Anyone with a valid mobile number is eligible to join VL Membership program. Local mobile or *overseas mobile numbers are accepted. *For overseas mobile eligibility – e.g. kindly check with our storefront personnel for the list of countries.  

Q3. Do I need to pay to join the Membership program?

  • Membership is FREE and there is no purchase required.

Q4. How does the Membership program work?

  • Upon Full sign up, you will receive an Exclusive Welcome Pack e-Vouchers.

Membership Welcome Pack e-Vouchers (One-Time Vouchers) for Members – 2021 consist of:

1. Vision Lab Eyewear $50.00 Gift Voucher (in the denomination of S$10.00 x 5 Vouchers)
2. FREE Lens Upgrade Voucher
3. 50% Off Photochromic (Transitions) Lens Upgrade Voucher
4. Ray-Ban Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Voucher
5. 50% Off Braun Buffel Sunglasses &/or Frame Voucher
6. 50% Off Zanotti Sunglasses &/or Frame Voucher
7. S$5.00 Contact Lenses Voucher (clear contact lenses &/or colour contact lenses)
8. $60 Comprehensive Eye Screening + Detailed Eye Screening Report Voucher (worth S$155.00)
9. Birthday Rewards Gift Voucher (Vision Lab $10.00 Gift Voucher)

  • Basic Members enjoy 5% Cashback and Premium Members enjoy 7% Cashback.
  • Receive a Birthday Rewards $10.00 Gift Voucher on your birthday month.

Q5. When can I redeem and start using the Membership e-Vouchers in the Welcome pack?

  • You can redeem and use the e-Vouchers immediately upon successful full sign up and acceptance of Terms & Conditions.

Q6. Is there an expiry for the Membership e-Vouchers?

  • All e-Vouchers in the Welcome Pack – 2021 is valid till 31st December 2021, except for the Birthday Rewards e-Voucher which will only be valid on your birthday month. No further extension will be accepted. However, Vision Lab Eyewear may launch new e-Vouchers and offers to members periodically and for the new fiscal year.

Q7. Will the Membership expire?

  • No, your membership will not expire. However, any unused Cashback money will expire 365 days from the date of issuance.

Q8. Can I sign up for 2 memberships under my name?

  • No, each person is entitled to only one membership and registration with only one mobile number.

Q9. Is there a minimum spend to redeem the e-Vouchers and to earn Cashback?

  •  No minimum spend is required to redeem the e-Vouchers and to earn Cashback.

Q10. How do I earn and use my Cashback?

  • Make a purchase at any Vision Lab outlet and advise our storefront staff that you are a member.
  • Cashback is applicable for ALL purchases EXCEPT for Contact Lenses, Accessories, Solutions, Services, Eye Screening Examination and Purchase of Vision Lab Cash Vouchers unless otherwise stated.
  • Cashback is NOT APPLICABLE for purchases using FavePay and PayLah! as mode of payment.
  • Your purchase amount will be keyed into the Advocado systems and your Cashback earned is based on your membership tier (e.g. 5% for Basic Member OR 7% for Premium Members) and will be automatically credited into your membership account.
  • Please note that Cashback is calculated based on the Final amount, excluding 7% GST paid on the receipt.

An illustration for Cashback Calculation:

  • Purchased a pair of Sunglasses for $100.00
  • My Membership Tier for Basic Member = 5%
  • Cashback is calculated as follows:

Purchase Price Less 7% GST
= $100.00 / 1.07
= $93.46
Cashback Earned
= $93.46 x 5%
= $4.67

  • You may then use your Cashback earned to enjoy savings off your next purchase.

Q11. Will my Cashback expire?

  • Yes, Cashback will expire; any unused Cashback money will expire 365 days from the date of issuance.

Q12. Is my Cashback transferable?

  • No, Cashback are non-transferable, and it can only be redeemed by the member only.

Q13. I am an existing member and I have changed my mobile number; how do I change or update my  

         NEW mobile number for my membership?

  • You can change or update your new mobile number through the ‘Customer App’
  • Login to using your previously registered mobile number,
  • Then select ‘Account’ icon, which is located at the bottom page,
  • Select ‘Change mobile number’,
  • Enter your new mobile number and select ‘Confirm’
  • Your new mobile number has now been updated in the systems!

Q14. What if I have forgotten my Login Password?

  • Upon Login to using your registered mobile number,
  • Then click ‘Forget?’, which is located next to the Password field,
  • A Password Reset Email will be sent to your registered email that you have provided,
  • Click onto the link ‘Reset Now’ in the email to reset your password,
  • Enter your new Password,
  • Click ‘Save New Password’
  • You new password will be updated in the systems.

Q15. Can I Reset my Login Password?

  • You can reset your Login Password through ‘Customer App’
  • Login to using your registered mobile number,
  • Then select ‘Account’ icon, which is located at the bottom page,
  • Select ‘Change Password,
  • Enter your New Password
  • Re-type your New Password (Please enter ate least 8 alphanumeric character for your Password)
  • Select ‘Confirm’
  • Your Password has now been reset in the systems.

Q16. What should I do if I have forgotten my Redemption PIN when I am making a purchase or making a redemption in the outlet?

  • Kindly approach Vision Lab Storefront personnel to reset your Redemption PIN
  • Login to the tablet – using your registered mobile number,
  • Proceed with your purchase and upon your redemption for the respective e-Vouchers or Cashback,
  • And when the systems prompt you to key in your Redemption PIN, click ‘FORGET PIN’

You will receive a NEW PIN code via a SMS to your registered mobile number.

Q17. Can I Reset my Redemption PIN?

  • You can reset your Redemption PIN through ‘Customer App’
  • Login to using your registered mobile number,
  • Then select ‘Account’ icon, which is located at the bottom page,
  • Select ‘Change Redemption PIN’,
  • Enter your New Redemption PIN (4 Digits Only)
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Your Redemption PIN has now been reset in the systems.

Q18. How do I check my Cashback credits and the e-Vouchers?

  • Upon Login to using your registered mobile number,
  • At the ‘Home’ page, you will be able to see your Cashback Credits Amount,
  • OR for further Full details, click onto the Vision Lab photo,
  • Full details can be seen under the ‘Campaigns’ – e.g. Cashback credit amount and its Expiry Date,
  • The respective welcome pack e-Vouchers are all shown on this page,
  • Click onto each of the e-Voucher or the ‘Cashback’ to view all details Terms and Conditions. 
  • E.g. Click onto ‘Cashback’, Click ‘Info’ – you will be able to view all the details T&Cs
  • Click onto ‘Activity’ – you will be able to view your transaction records/details.